The Tanentzapf Lab

Welcome to our website. This site is designed to tell you about the lab, our research, and the people who work in it.

In the Tanentzapf Lab we use molecular biology, genetics, and cutting edge imaging technologies to address fundamental biological questions. We use Drosophila (the fruit fly) as our model organism of choice.

Our work is medically relevant and applies to many fields of biology. Our main interest is in an important field in cell biology: cell adhesion (the process by which cells attach to their surrounding environment). In particular, we are interested in how cell adhesion contributes to muscle function. We also have a strong interest in stem cell biology.

We are associated with the Department of Cellular and Physiological Sciences and the Cell and Developmental Biology research group at the Life Sciences Institute.

The lab is currently recruiting new graduate students as part of the CELL graduate program as well as postdoctoral fellows, technical staff, and undergraduate project students.W encourage applications from enthusiastic people who are interested in joining our team!

We hope you explore the website, visit the publications and research area of the web page and contact us for further  enquiries. Available positions are detailed in the people section. Please take the time to get to know us through the people and lab photos sections.

Photos of some of

the things we work on in our lab.

Drosophila embryonic muscles (upper left corner)

Larval Drosophila Muscles (bottom left corner)

Stem cell in the drosophila gonad (right)

Welcome to The Tanentzapf Lab!

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