The Tanentzapf Lab Homepage

Our lab is the funnest lab around! Below are a few photos of some awesome events we’ve had over the years:

Holiday Party December 2009

Lab Meeting Summer 2008 (Julia, Mike, Leo, Sylvia, and Wilson)

Lab baby shower summer 2009

Lab Dim Sum trip to richmond Fall 2008

Random good times Fall 2009

Chris & Fayeza’s Birthday mimosas and Lab Meeting May 2012

Birthday Party 2011

Life in the Tanentzapf Lab

Canfly Boat Cruise - June 2013

Alex and Dani leaving party on wreck beach - July 2013

Lab retreat Pender Island- July 2013

Canadian Thanksgiving - October 2013

Lab retreat in Shuswap Lake- August 2014

Lab Holiday Party - December 2014

Lab Canadian Thanksgiving - October 2014